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Memsource plugin

With the new plugin for WordPress and the Connector feature, content managers can import standard WordPress Posts and Pages into Memsource for translation. The content can be imported either manually via Add from Online Repository button or automatically.

Two plugins are needed: WPML (multilingual content manager) and Memsource Wordpress Plugin.

WPML plugin for WordPress

Your WordPress website will need a WPML plugin to create and manage multilingual pages, which are then used by Memsource WordPress Plugin.

Languages in WPML must match languages of the Memsource project. To support local variations, for example French (Canada), define languages in WPML panel inside WordPress.

When a translated content is uploaded back to WordPress site, it is automatically published.

WordPress Plugin Installed.png

Adding the Memsource plugin to WordPress site

  1. To add the Memsource Plugin to your WordPress site, log into your Dashboard, go to Plugins, and Select Add New.
  2. On the plugin page, search for Memsource Connector and click Install Now.
  3. Click on the installed Memsource Connector plugin to display a page with a token you will need to enter when setting up the connector in Memsource Cloud.

Setting up the Memsource Translation Connector for WordPress in Memsource Cloud

  1. Go to Setup -> Integrations -> Connectors, and click on New to set up a new connector.
  2. Select WordPress option.
  3. Add your WordPress site URL prefix to WordPress site URL. For instance, if your WordPress admin page URL is ​http://blog.memsource.com/wp-admin/index.php, the prefix would be ​http://blog.memsource.com/.
  4. Copy the token obtained at WordPress Admin page and paste it to Memsource WordPress plugin token field.
  5. Click Test connection. Memsource Cloud should connect to your WordPress site and display a list of languages configured by WPML plugin. If WPML plugin is not found, an error message appears.
  6. If everything is OK, save the connector.