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Paligo is a content authoring platform which focuses on the creation and management of technical documentation. The integration allows users to directly submit articles created in Paligo into Memsource projects and deliver the translations back into Paligo. You can find instructions also on the Paligo official site


To correctly connect Paligo to Memsource, please follow the instructions below:

  • Create a Project in your Memsource account
  • Copy the last part of the URL (e.g. web/project2/show/JdvaEeMpkooHcdfegYP7U2)
  • Log into your Paligo account, click on your name in top right corner and go to Settings
  • In the Integrations section, scroll down to the Memsource integration and fill in the required credentials
  • Insert the Project ID obtained in the first step.
  • Save your configuration

With these steps completed, Paligo integration will be able to create new jobs inside the designated project. Note: This is only the first iteration of the integration and could possibly change in the future.

Ordering translations from Paligo


To translate your articles in Memsource, please follow the steps below:

  • Find the article you wish to translate
  • Add languages into which you wish to translate the content
  • Change status of the article to In translation
Export translation from Paligo
  • Click on the language code into which you wish to translate the article
  • In the following interface, click at the Settings icon on the top and select Export translation
  • A selection window will appear allowing you to adjust the settings and select the File Format into which you wish to export the article. Here you can select Memsource as one of the options.
  • Clicking on Export will create a new job in the designated Memsource project.
  • When the translation is finished, you can come back to the same interface, but use Import translation instead. The very first option that will pop-up is (Language) translation available on Memsource.
  • Use the Import button next to this option to update the content with your translations.