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Support Center

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Memsource has recently launched its support center. You search answers in our knowledge base, send direct request to our support team or you can post public questions there; they will be answered by Memsource support professionals or other Memsource users.

Email Support

Our email support is available to users of the Team Start, Team, and Ultimate editions. Users of the Personal and Freelancer editions should use our knowledge base and public question on support center portal.

Before asking a question, please take a minute to search through our support center and documentation site. Always make sure to provide sufficient detail to us, project name, related files, a screenshot etc.

Memsource reserves the right to publish your questions (anonymized) at its knowledge base.

Memsource Maintenance

New versions of Memsource Cloud are deployed on weekly basis(usually Wednesdays).

Memsource Cloud is available during this time, but it is possible that some customers will notice periods of increased network latency and in some exceptional cases brief service interruption.

Memsource Not Available

When Memsource is not available, it could be for a number of reasons

  • Your internet connection is down
  • A firewall blocks your access to Memsource servers
  • Memsource undergoes maintenance

Please check our Status Page where the status of the system can be monitored in real time. We also provide reports of any downtime on this site.

What To Do?

Sometimes, when you are not able to connect, for whatever reason, you may still need to export a translated file from Memsource urgently. In that case, follow these steps:

  1. Get the latest version of the MXLIFF file that you need to export. It will be stored locally on the translator's hard disk.
  2. Get the original file (e.g. MS Word, PowerPoint...)
  3. Email both to Memsource Support with the word "urgent" in the email's subject

We will send you the exported file back as soon as possible.