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The Memsource job board is a public page where Memsource project managers can publish their jobs and Memsource users with a Personal or Freelancer account (not linguist users) can respond to them.

Who May Use the Job Board?

The job board as such is a public page, so it is accessible even to non-Memsource users.

Who May Publish a Job Board Posting?

Project managers and administrators of all paid Memsource editions with the exception of the 1+ Freelancers edition may post on the job board.

Who May Respond to a Posting?

Even though job board postings are public, not everyone may respond to a posting. Personal and 1+ Freelancer edition users may respond. Also, all project managers and administrators may respond to a job posting. Linguist users may not respond.

Job Board Notifications

Whenever a new job posting is published, Memsource will notify all relevant Personal and 1+ Freelancer edition users. We will also notify all Team Start administrators and project managers (never linguists). When an organization has multiple project managers, all are notified.

Unsubscribe from Notifications

Job board notifications can be disabled in Memsource Cloud under Setup - Email Notifications and they will be disabled for the entire organization.

Getting Started

How to Publish a Job Board Posting?

Publishing a Job Board Posting

Open a Memsource project for which you need to source linguists. Click on Share - Publish on Job Board... and fill in the form providing details such as:

  • Analysis (if you have analysis in your project, you can upload the wordcount including your net rate)
  • Job posting title
  • Target languages (if you have multiple target languages in your project, you may decide to select just some of them for the posting)
  • Wordcount
  • Subject (the subject matter of the project, such as banking, finance, industrial engineering...)
  • Quoting currency
  • Quoting deadline (After the quoting deadline passes, users may not respond to your job board posting anymore)
  • Delivery deadline
  • Description & requirements
  • Response email template
  • New job email template
  • Contact email

When you are happy with the results, click on Publish.

Please note, that once the Job is published on Job Board, the Job offer cannot be deleted or edited. It will be automatically closed after the "Quoting deadline" date expires.

How to Respond to a Job Board Posting?

A Job Posting

Once you open a job posting, click on the Respond button.

If the Respond is not available, it could have the following reasons:

  • The posting is closed (e.g. it is past its quoting deadline).
  • You are not signed in into Memsource
  • You are signed in but not eligible for responding (you are signed in as e.g. a linguist user)

Where Can I See All Responses to a Job Board Posting?

All responses are conveniently displayed directly in the project.

How Do I Assign a Job Now?

Once an agreement is made between you and any of the candidates, the job can be assigned to them either as a shared job (after establishing a vendor connection with them) or a linguist account can be created for them. This final process is already independent of the job board.