Getting Started with Memsource Cloud for Linguists

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The linguist user role allows a user to translate (or revise) a bilingual document created in Memsource Cloud. Typically, a translation agency would create linguist accounts for its translators or editors and would supply the necessary login and other information to the linguist.

How to Get Started

Get Login Information

The first thing a linguist needs is their Memsource Cloud login information. This should be provided to the linguist by e.g. a translation agency:

Sign in to Memsource Cloud

Linguist Portal

Using the login information, the linguist should sign in to Memsource Cloud. The Linguist Portal can be found there. Translation jobs are organized into three tabs (please note that if there is no job under a tab, the tab is not displayed):

  • New

The linguist should use the button Change Status to accept or decline the translation jobs here.

  • Accepted

This tab lists projects with translation jobs that have been accepted by the linguist and have not been completed yet.

  • Completed

This tab lists projects with translation jobs that have been completed by the linguist.

Start Translating in Memsource Cloud

Buttons Active

To start translating (or revising) in Memsource Cloud, the linguist needs to:

  • Sign in to Memsource Cloud
  • Open the project in a New pane.
  • Select a job for translation by checking the check box next to it (this will activate the Buttons).
  • Click on the Change Status button and change the job's status to Accepted by Linguist (Pre-translate Button is activated). You will not be able to download the job or edit it unless the job is Accepted.
  • Click on the underlined file name and open the file in Web Editor (needs to be allowed in project settings by your Project Manager),


  • Click on the Download button, then select Bilingual MXLIFF and save it on your computer to open it in Desktop Memsource Editor.

Translating in Editor

Complete a Translation in Memsource Cloud

Set Completed

Web Editor:

  • Run QA Check and make sure all segments are Confirmed.
  • Go to Project (Document -> View Project).
  • Select the file and set the job's status to Completed by Linguist.

Desktop Memsource Editor:

  • Run Quality Assurance and make sure all segments are Confirmed.
  • If you worked partially off-line or your Internet is unstable, use Upload to Server located under Document in Memsource Editor to upload the file to the server.
  • Sign in to Memsource Cloud.
  • Make sure that under Confirmed, the 100% is displayed for your job (100% of segments confirmed).
  • You can manually upload your MXLIFF file to Memsource Cloud via Tools - Upload in a project (if you have not done so in Editor).
  • Once all 100% segments are confirmed, set the job's status to Completed by Linguist.

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