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Microsoft Translator is one of the general machine translation services that are immediately available in Memsource Cloud. In addition, users can create custom machine translation engines (e.g. for specific domains) that are trained with their own data via Microsoft Translator Hub, which is now directly supported in Memsource Cloud.

If you have successfully gone through the below steps, do not forget to enter your API key into Memsource.

Microsoft Translator with Feedback (free)

Memsource and Microsoft have partnered to provide free machine translation to all Memsource users. The following machine translation option will be active by default after signing up to Memsource: Microsoft with Feedback (free).

Microsoft with Feedback is not available for batch pre-translation. The results are only fed to Memsource on a segment-per-segment basis (real-time) when working in Memsource Editors.


Microsoft continuously improves its machine translation technology by feeding it with high-quality human translations. Whenever a Memsource user confirms a segment, Memsource will feed it back to Microsoft's machine translation service, so that it can further improve its quality. In exchange for your contribution, Microsoft will provide you with this free machine translation service.

Your translations will still remain private and Microsoft will only use them to train and further improve its machine translation service. If you are not happy with providing translation feedback to Microsoft, simply use the standard Microsoft Translator service in which the feedback operation is inactive or another machine translation service.

Microsoft Translator - Getting the API Key


See Microsoft's blog Walkthrough: Signing up for Microsoft Translator and getting your credentials with Step-By-Step user manual.

Watch a video taken by Dominique Pivard on setting up Microsoft Translator in Memsource Cloud.

Microsoft Translator Hub

If you have built your custom machine translation engine with Microsoft Translator Hub, enter the identifier of your engine in the Category field in the Machine Translation section under Setup.

Category in Microsoft Translator Hub
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